Tom’s Priorities

Tom Georges for Illinois State Senate District 26

Support for our Military and Veterans

Caring for and giving credit to those who have served to maintain our freedom and defended our rights as citizens of the United States.

Getting the Budget Back on Track

Economic development (Working and investing in tomorrow and the future). Illinois must plan for and invest in the future and operate more like a business to create alternative forms of income. Infrastructure improvement/repair, lottery, and responsible recreational marijuana legislation are a few options. The development of new and safe forms of renewable energy is potentially a huge untapped market for job growth and economic development. Illinois must plan today for what is expected tomorrow and become proactive rather than reactive.

Protecting Women’s Rights

Correction of past injustices (To do what is right and move forward as one entity). As we evolve over time, we must ensure that our legislators remain current and their voting records reflect the people they represent today not in a way which pushes Illinois 35 years into the past. Legislative votes should reflect equal rights. Legislators should ensure measures are taken to preserve the environmental beauty of our lakes and lands. Legislators should raise themselves above their personal and religious beliefs and do what is best for all individuals they represent, rather than that of the big donors who fund elections.

Providing Checks and Balances with Property Tax

Providing checks and balances with property tax. Current fiscal responsibility (Dealing with current financial situation). Illinois must meet financial obligations and identify measures to help its people while gradually eliminating expenses, prioritizing and determine necessary operating and capital expenses. All politicians can talk about lowering taxes but is that realistic with Illinois in such a financial crisis. We need to cap current property tax rates, develop a check and balance system more than just the equalization process, and grow in the Illinois economy. Pushing the debt to tomorrows generations is not a solution. Spending cuts must start from the top and work down which should include staffing needs, and reduction in the many levels of Illinois government, to possibly include reducing the number of state legislators (with independent redistricting).